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Vaccines are among the most successful and cost-effective public health tools available for preventing disease and death. They not only help protect vaccinated individuals, but also help protect entire communities by preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases.


It is important that we continue to protect our children with vaccines because outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases can, and do occasionally, occur in this country. Vaccination is one of the best ways parents can protect infants, children and teens from 16 potentially harmful diseases. Vaccine-preventable diseases can be very serious, may require hospitalization, or even be deadly – especially in infants and young children. For pre-teens and teens, vaccination needs vary, but are still important and can protect against life-threatening diseases like meningitis.


For information on vaccine recommendations for children of all ages click HERE.







Adult immunizations protect adults from diseases and protect the ones they love from being exposed to a disease  that may be carried by their parent, grandparent or caregiver.  Adult vaccines include: 


  • Influenza (Flu),

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) 

  • Hepatitis A

  • Hepatitis B

  • Diphtheria/Tetanus Pertussis (Whooping Cough),

  • Pneumococcal (Pneumonia)

  • Others.


For adult vaccination recommendations click HERE.


All immunization clinics are by appointment only. Medicaid, Medicare and many private insurance plans are accepted. Vaccines are provided at no cost to uninsured children through the Vaccines for Children Program. However, there is an administration fee.  


Call (937) 472-0087 to schedule an appointment. 



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