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Sewage Treatment Systems


Anyone planning on purchasing a lot, or building on a lot, should have the site evaluated early in the process. Sewage system designs are based on site specific soil characteristics to protect ground and surface water resources, protect residents from exposure to sewage-borne disease, and reduce system failure in the future. The size, design, and cost of installing a sewage treatment system vary depending on depth to seasonal water table or bedrock, slope, soil texture, and permeability. Not all lots can be developed and served by an on-lot sewage treatment system. Limiting factors like flood plains, saturated soils, excessive slopes can make system design impossible or impractical.


As of January 1st, 2015, the Ohio Department of Health's new Sewage Treatment System Rules went into effect. They can be found by clicking the link below: 


ODH Household Sewage Treatment System Regulations


ODH Sewage Treatment System FAQ 2018 (PDF)


PCPH performs a follow-up inspection on all new system installations 12-18 months after the system is completed to evaluate system performance and provide homeowner education.

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